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Redthreaded Atelier "Margaret" Corset

Hello Lovelies!

If you've been following along, you'll know that I've been blogging about my journey to an 1880s ensemble, that has had to be bought/built from the skin out. In my previous blog, I wrote about my chemise and split drawers I bought from small Etsy sellers.

The next, and most important layer, is my corset. Again, this is something that I had struggled with for a few months -- do I make the corset or do I buy one? I bought some patterns from Atelier Slyphe, which were beautiful shapes, and I had some old diagrams I had bought from the Symington Corset Collection in be perfectly honest, I just didn't want to take that time to figure out the corset as I needed it to be. I also didn't want to go through a lot of effort for the corset only to have it not fit me the way I wanted, or look as good as I had hoped. If I was going to make a corset, I wanted to really throw myself into the project, and I simply didn't have the time for th…

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